1. shimseulran:

    4 years of Girls’ Generation.

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  2. Eli

  3. ladyplusnine:

    Happy 4th anniversary Girls’ Generation. To the girls who inspires me, who changed a part of my life, whom I wanted to be, whom I’m dying to see, who gives me happiness, whom I cherish, who loves every sone, whom I learned to love, whom I’ll never forget, whom I’ll never regret being a fan of, whom I cherish, whom I admire, I HOPE YOU HOLD ON TO EACH OTHER FOREVER. And I’ll just be here admiring from afar, hoping it’s God’s will for me to see you guys one day. 

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  4. My New Addiction B1A4 …Daebak!!

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  5. cute.. AAAA;

  6. My cute baby mason.. imissedhellobabytara ;(

  7. this is so cruel even though its true..huhu..

  8. O_o my fany fany tiffany…neomu yeppeo…

  9. yup,that’s a lie

  10. so cute >.<

  11. peace no war >.<